40 Years of Marketing and PR Success

In December 2018 the agency expert PR & HWM Communications GmbH celebrates its 40th anniversary.

In 1978 marketing expert Heinz-Werner Müller founded his first agency HWM Werbung und Marketing GmbH, in order to be able to provide individual consultation to all his clients. With this decision he broke free from the trend of large international agencies and wanted to establish a service provider whose priority is to provide personal and individual consultation for each and every client. Right from the beginning, his small team was often supported by a number of specialised regular freelancers.

The agency’s success showed that this was the right way to go and the number of clients increased further and further. Some of the most well-known brands HWM has created campaigns for ever since are Amaretto di Saronno Originale, Bosch home appliances, airlines such as British Airways or Qantas as well as various tourism destinations.

After many clients demanded more and more communication services in 1987, H.W. Müller founded the PR agency expert PR that specialised mostly in clients from the tourism sector. In 1992 both agencies were merged under the name expert PR & HWM that is today managed by his daughter Kiki Müller. Some of the current clients are the Channel Island Jersey, England’s Coast as well as the destinations Wales and Malta.