England’s Coast

England’s Coast

The “England’s Coast” project is a new initiative by the National Coastal Tourism Academy to promote some of the most beautiful coastlines in England with their rich culture and fabulous landscapes to the German market.

Press Visits
TV Reports
Ad Impressions

The Challenge

In a campaign that was scheduled for just a few months, the six coastal regions included in the project were targeted to be promoted on the German market in order to increase the number of visitors from Germany. Another main goal of the campaign was to support German tour operators in expanding their England programmes to include the designated coastal regions.

Our Approach

Development and implementation of an extensive PR and cross channel marketing campaign for the German market. In addition to establishing a social media presence we initiated, planned and carried out 19 press trips including two TV shoots for NDR in just a few months, implemented a content video ad campaign and developed and introduced an online training for the travel trade.

Success & Numbers

Three TV reports, including a 60-minute North Sea Report Special on NDR, on Bavarian television and nationally, reached over two million television viewers alone. In addition to various publications and reports in print media, including in the national newspaper BILD, we initiated a 50-minute radio report in the WDR and supported the author of the book project “Agatha Christie in Greenway House”, published in March 2020 by Wagenbach Verlag, during his research. Overall, the campaign generated a return on investment of 1:160 euros.

It’s so impressive to see the whole round-up and plenty of coverage, thanks so much for all your work.
It’s certainly an impressive ROI, if I had my way I’d put all my money in PR!!

Sheron Crossman, Marketing and Communications Manager